Types of food the Navy Seals eat while out at sea

Types of food the Navy Seals eat while out at sea

A Sailor in the period of the revolutionary war had no opportunity to choose what he was going to eat because they had no say in it. The diet back then consisted of biscuit, bread, salted meat, malt beer, good butter, oatmeal and peas.  Once in a while, they got provided with corn and beans to bring a little bit of variety to the meal.

Even though the food at sea now depends on what is available or what is about to expire during the underway, members of the navy out at sea are still required to maintain high fitness and nutritional levels. This requires a sailor to have a high intake of energy giving foods such as proteins. An example from the Navy’s diet is green beans and red meat.  Also, a ship does not have a lot of room to operate in; therefore, you are expected to remain in the confines of the ship which deprives the body of necessary physical exercise.

A diet of fruits and vegetables in the form of salads is always in the offing while out at sea because it provides the sailor essential nutrients and fiber. Fiber is important because it makes you feel full in the stomach without the need for the navy officer to consume calories. Skimmed milk and Lean meat are other types of food that the Navy eats while at sea, both these foods do not have fats. Fats are not burned in the body they are stored and lead to weight gain and might cause diseases if they accumulate in the body. Because of the minimal space on the ship sailors are advised against eating fatty foods at sea.

Junior officers have it worse because they eat the unusual dishes that is mostly served during an underway replenishment, they include some protein ranging from chicken to lamb that is mostly gross.  One way they’ve been able to get around this is by using XMRE Meals.  These are packaged meals that require no prepping or water, making it a much tastier and better option for many guys in the Navy.  Senior officers get to enjoy more variety and the best food the ship has to offer even though this is relative. Shedding light on some level of sectarianism in food debasement.

Furthermore, Sailors are provided with poultry eggs because they are easily stored.

Navy officers get used to it and learn to maintain low standards of expectation because even as you stay longer out at sea the staler the food becomes especially the white bread. In contrast, the dietary specifications of the earlier naval days have not changed much since the age of the revolutionary war, but they have been improved to ensure there is minimum energy loss and the maximum power gain to ensure the sailor can perform his duties while on his long voyages.